Steve Proctor

UK Based Photographer & Photoshop Disciple


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If you want to book a shoot that is mutually beneficial;


If you are interested in booking me for a talk or presentation at your camera club or other organisation. I currently offer the following which are all image heavy with explanations, locations, tips, tricks, etc…: The talks fall under the category of ‘Edutainment‘ and share many images, techniques and stories in a fairly light-hearted manner.

The presentations are primarily digital but will feature prints and short AV sequences too. All the talks can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

1 – My Photographic Journey: (90 – 120 minutes)
A presentation showing my journey through photography, referencing the ‘old days’ but focusing on recent years where I share my nature and people images. The images are predominantly my latest work up to and including my DPAGB and BPE5* accreditations. 

2 – Talk to Me! (90 – 120 minutes)
This talk and presentation shows techniques for getting better people shots through the relatively simple task of talking to your subject. During the talk I will explain how I work; before, during & after the shoot itself and covers topics such as studio shoots, re-enactments and friends/family.

3 – Power & Poise: (90 – 120 minutes)
A digital presentation concentrating on capturing and portraying movement in both Sport and Dance. The talk flips between both genres showing similarities and overlaps, I will talk about the technical aspects of shooting these genres whilst sharing images and some of the ideas that led up to me taking them.

4 – The Creative Portrait: (90-120 minutes)
This presentation builds on both ‘My Journey’ & ‘Talk to Me’ as I discuss and show my later work focusing mainly on my people photography. I include the post processing ideas and techniques as well as why I work in this way. The emphasis here is on story telling and making more memorable images that work well in competitions & salons.

5 – The Wildside (90-120 minutes)
I share where I shoot nature nature images, including commercial hides, local patches, nature reserves and a safari in Kruger park, South Africa. Along the way I will share my thinking and planning methods plus some simple techniques including how I post-process my nature images. Contains a number of A/V sequences.

6 – Photoshop Tutorials: (90 – 120 minutes)
A working session where elements of Adobe Photoshop CC are explained on screen, this is based on what the viewers want to see explained with examples worked through. As there are many ways of achieving the same outcome in Photoshop, the techniques shown will be how the presenter performs them.

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