Below is the set of images that I used to gain my DPAGB (Distinction – Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). The requirement was to gain 300 points with 15 images – therefore a target of 20 per image. The photographs were from a variety of events and genres as there was no requirement for a theme or link between them. I had a mentor, Jane Lines,  from the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) who guided me to fine tune the photos before they were submitted, a process that helped immensely. Ultimately all bar one of the images passed the 20 mark and I passed with 338 points in total.

Silverback (Comp Std) [21]

Silverback – 26 points

Sparrowhawk and Kill

Sparrowhawk and Kill – 24 points

Kingfisher and Minnow

Kingfisher and Minnow – 24 points

Insatiable Curiosity

Insatiable Curiosity – 22 points

Another Rainy Night

Another Rainy Night – 21 points

Sparrowhawk with Crossbill Catch

Sparrowhawk and Crossbill – 23 points

Stephanie Dubois at Abbey Mill Studio, Chorley

Femme Fatale – 24 points

Whispering Waifs

Whispering Waifs – 24 points

A Pious Man

A Pious Man – 21 points

Mark Proctor (3b)

Maximum Effort – 22 points


On Key – 23 points


Adorned – 23 points

The Stumble at the Grand

Decay -15 points

7D2_20200 - Humpback Whale Breaching

Humpback Whale – 22 point

Mark Proctor (7)

Ink and Iron – 24 points

Here is an abridged presentation of my Journey to DPAGB that I delivered at the L&CPU Big Day… My Journey to DPAGB (v1.1)