Steve Proctor

UK Based Photographer & Photoshop Disciple


Presentations, Talks & Judging

I’d like to thank you on behalf of our members at TPS for an outstanding talk that we all really enjoyed.  Needless to say, your portraits are superb.  The information about setting up and carrying out a portrait session was very interesting and helpful for us, as we’re having a portrait evening later in the year. (March 2023)

Thanks again for a brilliant evening, your presentation was amazing, If I were president next year I would have you back. There was a buzz at the end of the show, people loved your dance images, it’s not something we’ve seen at the club before. (February 2023)

Your recent talk at OCC has been commented on as one of the best we’ve ever had (and we have had some excellent speakers too). So thank you once again for that. (February 2023)

What a wonderful night we had last night with your talk. I loved your presentation and those stunning images. I had quite a bit of feedback at the break, everyone I spoke to thought your talk was brilliant and the best they had seen for some time, comments I totally agreed with. We would certainly like you to return, whether later this year of next year not sure yet. (February 2023)

Please accept my apologies for being late in sending my thanks for what an amazing job of judging you did for us before Christmas. From the feedback I have heard and also what I observed, your quality of judging was excellent.  The fact you were not familiar with the area made your observations even more beneficial.  I was also aware at the time that you were not feeling well but you soldiered on and I truly thank you for that. Everyone enjoyed your style of delivery, and we are all looking forward to your talk in February. (December 2022)

Your talk was excellent, the feedback in the pub was very positive and I will make sure that the appropriate people are made aware of your photographing natural history talk. I will lean on them somewhat to make sure it ends up on our programme for next season as we have a core of natural history photographers who would appreciate it. (December 2022)

Many thanks for your excellent presentation yesterday evening to ICC. It was exactly what we were looking for – and more: some terrific photography, beautiful AV sequences, useful info about your approach to taking and processing nature photos, and a very engaging commentary. Huge thanks (again) too for being willing to step in and help us out at fairly short notice. (November 2022)

Thanks again for your talk, yesterday evening. I’m sure you will have gathered that the members were really interested and engaged! I was already being asked, at the tea break, if I could get you to come again. We’ll see you for the judging shortly and, as we discussed, when I’m arranging our next year’s programme, I’ll be contacting you (November 2022)

Thank you for your presentation last night, it appeared to be very well received. I can assure you there was plenty of positive feedback after you left. We have already shared your tutorial links and have plans to review how we prepare for our next club studio sessions. Really looking forward to welcoming you back to CCC (November 2022)

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of our club for your presentation last week. Your presentation was extremely well received by all the members and visitors attending, and the two on Zoom, who couldn’t be there in person, due to illness. Your presentation, for me, was the best and most interesting in a long time. Two of our most experienced members came to congratulate me on securing your services. They, also, thought it was the best we had seen in a long time. (October 2022)

We all enjoyed your talk ‘Power & Poise’ at TCC earlier this year.  It was so different from other talks we’ve had and the images were stunning. We really look forward to you coming back again next year. (September 2022)

Thanks again for a great presentation to CCC Tuesday Group last night. Club members, including myself, were impressed by your talk, the images and the detailed information on preparing for and performing studio shoots and then image processing. You covered a lot of ground in an enjoyable and entertaining manner and we will look to invite you back for your latest talk later in the year.
(June 2022)

Models & Clients

I had an amazing shoot with Steve at the studio, he is a very talented photographer and a pleasure to shoot with. I really liked how he worked with his camera, changing the angles and trying different light settings. Steve was very creative, full of enthusiasm and positive energy, which helped us with creating such amazing photos, looking forward to shooting with you again.

Steve is a delight to work with and everything you’d expect from a truly creative and talented photographer. He came prepared with a plan of what he’d like to shoot and we worked so well together on achieving some amazing results. Veery happy to highly recommend to all and I hope to work together again in the future.

Had an amazing shoot with Steve. he is a brilliant photographer with a warm personality and very easy to work with! Amazingly talented and produced some stunning photographs. Pre-communication excellent and thoroughly enjoyed our studio day. Look forward to working together again! thankyou for a brilliantly productive day!

Recently had my second brilliant remote shoot with Steve, with quality images made and so much done! He is wonderful to chat with, with such fab ideas, concepts and input, really lovely to work together in this innovative, creative way. Happily recommend and hope we can work in person in the not too distant future.

Pre shoot comms were great and quick, he came prepared with full mood boards, fab to see a photographer put so much thought in. We started with some lovely portrait work and then got stuck into the dance work. We had a fab afternoon which flew by, fun packed and creative. We finished the shoot knowing we covered a great mixture and I can already see we came out with some awesome results. The images I have already seen are beautiful. Steve has a real talent for producing warm gentle images beautifully done.

Pre-comms from Steve was excellent and they were considerate enough to send over visual references and a break down of the sets they wanted to capture. Once on set, Steve was respectful and had clear, direct communication and gave good directions. I felt that we developed on ideas very well and created some strong images! I am very much looking forward to seeing the final images and would gladly work with then again.

I met this lovely photographer at a group dance shoot where I was the model – he was very friendly, seemed really happy with what I was doing and had strong ideas but was also open to suggestions. I would happily work with him again!

I worked with Steve for the first time at pure Preston studio, we had great chat and banter before shooting. He was super easy going and I felt really at ease with him! We shot a variety of looks and the shots he took were just wow! Utterly fabulous. Such a talented photographer as well as great guy! I’d love to set up another shoot with him ASAP! Definitely up there with my favourite shoots!

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