Steve Proctor

UK Based Photographer & Photoshop Disciple


Below are a number of tutorials that I have put together that may help if you are not quite sure how to do a certain task. They are all based on Canon cameras and Photoshop CC but will work in most other makes and models of cameras and software. The steps can be used with these other makers products but they will probably have different tools or menu names to use.

Camera SkillsDifficulty
Basic Exposure – Aperture / Shutter / ISOEasy
Table-Top PhotographyMedium
More soon…
Photoshop SkillsDifficulty
Commonly Used Photoshop Tools & Short-CutsEasy
Re-Sizing an Image to 1600 x 1200 PixelsEasy
Setting the Colour Space to sRGBEasy
Placing a Line (Stroke) around an ImageEasy
Graphics in TextEasy
Creating an Artistic Look with TexturesMedium
Selecting a Subject from an ImageMedium
Black & White Using an Adjustment LayerMedium
Dodging and Burning Skin TonesMedium
Correcting Geometrical IssuesMedium
Focus Stacking (incl. Camera Technique)Medium
More soon…
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