Sunday saw two visits to Lake Panic, a truly wild place with a fantastic range of sights and sounds that will linger in the memory. The temperature at 6:00am was barely 2.5°C, this gave a mystical appearance to the Lake with mist slowly rising above the slumbering Hippos. As the day cleared and the sun warmed the locale the birds began to make themselves known with Herons, Kingfishers, Egrets and Darters all adding their own sounds. Watching all these birds feasting on the Lake’s fish kept us engrossed for hours on end. The day closed with no less than five African Fish Eagles in the theatre, two parents and three immature birds. They chased around in the setting sun occasionally picking a fight with other residents and snatching fish from the Lake.
In between the two visits to Lake Panic we took a leisurely stroll around Skukuza camp, snapping away at the sunbirds darting around the colourful flowering spikes of the Aloe Vera plants.