A quiet start to the day at Sunset Dam, no great excitement this time – no Lion or Leopard to be seen! We moved camp from Lower Sabie to Skukuza and took the H4-1 tar road, but it was very quiet, not much game about. We heard that there were Lion close to Skukuza and sure enough there was the Kruger traffic jam, cars all over the road. We spotted the Lions through the grass but could not get a good view, people seemed to be there for the duration, no though for sharing the viewing.

We finished the day at Lake Panic, sometime things don’t live up to the expectation but Lake Panic is not one of them. The water and surrounding trees were cast in golden light and the birds and mammals were plentiful with Hippos snorting away and many water birds such as Grey Heron, African Darter, Fish Eagles and Pied Kingfisher all going about their business. A Leopard made a fleeting appearance as did a Steenbok risking a quick drink. As the sun set it was time to return to Skukuza for a sundowner and Braai to finish the day in style.