Dunham Massey was the setting on a beautiful autumn morning, clear blue skies, rising sun and just an edge to the temperature, perfect for Fallow Deer ruts we were told.
We were part of a group of around 30 people who had signed up with the National Trust wardens for a ‘talk and walk’ around the deer park. It was to be a frustrating day and it was nearly an hour before we were seeing the first deer but we knew lots about the house, gardens and trees!!!
There were lots of facts and you could sense deep knowledge from the wardens, however, we wanted to see deer not listen to facts about them. What we did see was lots of Does and the odd Buck wandering through the woods before having a bacon buttie and coffee in the field. From here we saw a couple of larger older Bucks resting in the sunshine but not making for exciting photos. We left the walk and scouted for Deer ourselves spotting a couple more Bucks, again resting up in the sun.
I would imagine that good shots could be had here and I plan to return soon to catch up. It was really frustrating to watch other photographers getting some action whilst we were urged to stay with the main group some 100 yards away.