I spent a day with Angi Wallace in Bristol at the Reptile Zone shop to try to take some memorable images of brightly coloured reptiles and amphibians. Angi has won many competitions with her outstanding and artistic shots so I was looking to learn the tricks of the trade.
The shots were set-up in a small studio upstairs at the shop using a light tent and two speedlights with small softboxes fitted. We tried a number of natural settings, some autumnal shots using fallen leaves from outside and then set-up some more artistic and impactful scenes using fresh flowers as props. I am pleased with what I got on the day, a set of varied and unusual images, probably ones that you would struggle to get in a wild setting.
A number of these images have done really well for me in local competitions with a number of 1st places plus a couple of 2nd & 3rds.
Check out Angi’s images at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anginelson

Reptile Zone Panel