After what seems like an age, but was really only a few days, I got my results from the PAGB adjudication in Kent – and it was a good result with my CPAGB being gained J. I was given a final score of 235 points against a requirement of 200 so I cleared the bar reasonably comfortably as was predicted by the L&CPU mock adjudication score of 241.
The little blue badge duly arrived this morning and now sits proudly on my monitor – I’m not really a badge wearer! This is just the start of my development as a photographer and I am now eagerly investigating what to do next, the DPAGB is apparently a significant step up from the CPAGB and I will need time to create more and stronger images before I launch into that one.  The good advice that I have been given, is to start entering some of the BPE exhibitions and this will tell me where I am on the journey towards a DPAGB. If this is the case then I am right at the beginning and have just taken one very small step forward. I entered the Robin Hood exhibition held by the Nottingham group and put forward 9 images in 4 categories (all PDI) and sat back to await the results. Well, the results arrived today and I had just the 1 accepted and initially was quite disappointed, but I’m over that now and I am celebrating my first acceptance which feels much more positive. When I looked at the other scores for my ‘failed’ images I had a number where 2 judges thought they were good enough and 1 thought otherwise – so I must be reasonably close. I have also entered a similar set of images into the GDPU exhibition in Glasgow and now await these results. Two sets of scores will give me a good idea of the standard and then I can move on and begin to plan my next steps with a bit of evidence.

Below is the one image that was accepted, entitled ‘A Quiet Moment’ – a shot of Raphaella Withlove at Smithill Hall.

A Quiet Moment