I recently spent 6 hours in Studio 213 at AWOL Studios in Manchester with Sophia Blake. Sophia is a model who is fairly new on the scene but you would never know it from how she gets through the moves and poses and the stunning images she helps to create. She took direction well and backed that up with variations of her own as time seemed to fly by. After the studio time we spent some time out in the mill to get some more atmospheric and grungier shots. My approach seems to be developing into a ‘low key’ style as I tend to like using one main light with minimal fills against generally darker backgrounds. Some studio shots are shown below, the mill shots will follow soon. I have to say that this was by far the best studio day that I have had and I want to keep all of the images that I took and not just my normal 5-10%.
Sophia Blake, AWOL Studios (50)Sophia Blake, AWOL Studios (35)Sophia Blake, AWOL Studios (55)Sophia Blake, AWOL Studios (10)