Just had a couple of studio days recently, the first for quite a while as I like to be outside with the wildlife whilst there’s still some light about.  So, when a couple of opportunities came along I just had to take them.

The first was with Stephanie Dubois at a studio in an old mill near Chorley which was interesting – it was in the process of being converted into small units!  Steph has a great look and made life easy for me to get some of my wackier ideas done along with some prep for a few composites that I’ll be processing over the Christmas period. The portrait shots are some of the best that I have got in my portfolio to date with a mix of looks that I like to capture. The shots were predominantly taken with a large octagonal Softbox as a main light source with a smaller reflected light to fill the shadows.

The second shoot was with Mischkah Scott over in Huddersfield and again this was a really productive session which produced some great shots. These were taken in the Heritage suites and were a challenge in a different way due to the shorter distances and shorter focal lengths needed. This was lit with a mix of natural light and a Softbox when we worked away from the window light.

I seem to be developing my portraiture fairly well but need to work more on some other aspects, such as full length shots, so more work needed, life can be tough at times !!!