Scottish ‘Classic Rock’ band, Nazareth, played at the Grand Venue in Clitheroe in late January 2016. I was privileged to have the run of the place with my DSLR camera rather than the usual compact or phone cameras that don’t perform well in low light such as this. There is always a challenge in getting enough shutter speed to freeze any movement allied to a reasonable amount of grain / noise in the image from a high ISO setting. The images below were shot a Canon EOS6D full-frame camera at ISO 6400 with the 100-400L2 lens attached which was a good combination for picking out the individual members of the band and also getting tight compositions of interactions. Musically this was a good old fashioned rock concert, no fancy lasers or backdrops, just good loud rock music featuring some classic tracks from the 70s – a great night all in all.