Scottish Safari pt4

I returned to the Sparrowhawk hide located in the stunning scenery of Dumfries and Galloway at the end of March to capture some familiar subjects in a new season. The usual suspects were there with a few new faces for good measure in the guise of a Red Squirrel, a passing Red Kite and a good number of Siskin too. The woodland birds  were in constant attendance flitting about rapidly from perch to perch with the constant chirping as a soundtrack, only going quiet when there was one of the predators lurking. The female Sparrowhawk showed twice while I was in the hide and the male just the once fleetingly. The day started with a frosty coating at -2 and the female hawk was an early visitor, attention was on the woodland birds then until midday when the female returned. A red kite flew overhead and kept the hawk aware for 10 full minutes, returning 30 minutes later for an impromptu fly past and photo opportunity. We paid a visit to an Adder roost early in the afternoon spotting several of these snakes basking in the early year sun. They looked like they were almost ready to shed their skins as their eyes were a touch opaque. The hides are run by Alan McFadyen at and are well worth a visit and good value too. Some shots from the day are shown below.
7D2_0201 web7D2_0780 web7D2_0515 web7D2_1111 web

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