Clitheroe Grand Prix

Cycling returned to Clitheroe after a ten year absence and it offered another opportunity to get the camera out and do something new to me. The Grand Prix is a challenging 900m course around the centre of the town – up the slow incline of Moor Lane and Castle st, then a swift descent down Wellgate and onto the flat of Lowergate. This is a race that can reward the more powerful riders and so it proved in the results.

Before the first race I ventured around the course in the opposite direction to the race, looking for good vantage points that wiould give different scenarios for the images. I opted to travel light with just a Canon 7D2 and a 100-400 lens which gave me good pulling power for the straights but worked against me at the tight corners, I will take a selection of lenses next time. It was an interesting challenge as there is so much going on in each shot; the riders tend to race in small groups and the backgrounds were busy too with spectators and barriers galore. Some shots from the event are shown below.

Cycling, Clitheroe Grand ProxCycling, Clitheroe Grand ProxCycling, Clitheroe Grand Prox

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