I spent half a day at Brockholes nature reserve where the intention was to find and photograph a number of species of Dragonflies that inhabit the reserve. I had spoken to a couple of people on the reserve Facebook page and was given some good, detailed information so I created myself a map and off I went. Needless to say it takes a while to acclimatise your eyes to seeing the intended subjects and the day got off to a slow start. There were many Common Blues flitting around but little to see of the Dragonflies. We went to the suggested hot-spots and once the sun came out so did a few more insects. This was a first time at the site looking for these mini-beasts and I am now armed with more information and will return soon. Whilst there I sat myself down in a patch of wildflowers and shot anything that came within reach, there were thousands of tiny insects and I will probably get myself going on a project with these subject now. More images have been added at Nature > UK Insects.

Four-Spotted Chaser (2) (web)
Four-Spotted Chaser
Common Blue Damselfly (web)
Common Blue Damselfly
Hoverfly (Sericomyia silentis) (web)
Hoverfly on Knapweed
Five-Spot Burnet Moth (web)
Five-Spotted Burnett Moth on Knapweed
Western Honey Bee (web)
Western Honey Bee
Mating Soldier Beetles (web)
Mating Soldier Beetles