Despite the horrendous levels of poaching in Africa there are still many Elephants to be seen as you journey through Kruger park – and we saw lots! Our first encounter was with a herd that were digging away in a dry river bed, looking for the hidden water below the surface. The herd had several youngsters amongst them and they are always fun to watch and photograph as they jostle and play with one another. The closest encounter we had was at Lake Panic where a herd came down to drink at sunrise. First only a couple of Ellies were at the water’s edge but then a large herd of over twenty arrived on the scene; drinking, playing and eating their way past us in the hide. At one point we could have reached and touched them they were that close. As they left they completely surrounded the hide but thankfully left us peacefully. There were many other instances where we came across these gentle giants and all passed thankfully without incident.
The full report of our trip to Kruger can be seen here.

Elephant Drinking at Waterhole
Lone Bull at waterhole
Elephant Stroll
Matriarch on the move
Elephants at Lake Panic
Lake Panic encounter
Elephants at Play
Youngsters at play
Elephants Drinking at Sunrise
Sunrise at Lake Panic