I can proudly state that as a result of an adjudication today in Colchester that I now hold the ‘Distinction’ level of photography in the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). This involved creating 15 prints that scored 300 points between them against a standard of ‘Good Exhibition Level Photography’.
As a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photo Union (LCPU) I would like to thank Christine Widdall who oversees the fantastic mentoring system and Jane Lines who was my mentor for this process. If you feature amongst the photos I express my thanks to you also, it couldn’t have happened without you. If you want to push yourself and improve your level of photography then I strongly recommend that you engage in this process, when I look at the difference between my CPAGB and the DPAGB panels I can see a step change. On the day, there were 32 entrants and I believe that 14 were successful in their submission, it’s a tough standard to meet consistently throughout your images, so I will celebrate with a couple of beers tonight. The Selection of images used  is shown below.


Larger images can be seen by following – ‘Collections >> DPAGB’ on the menu at the top of the page or by clicking here.