DPAGB Success

I can proudly state that as a result of an adjudication today in Colchester that I now hold the ‘Distinction’ level of photography in the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). This involved creating 15 prints that scored 300 points between them against a standard of ‘Good Exhibition Level Photography’.
As a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photo Union (LCPU) I would like to thank Christine Widdall who oversees the fantastic mentoring system and Jane Lines who was my mentor for this process. If you feature amongst the photos I express my thanks to you also, it couldn’t have happened without you. If you want to push yourself and improve your level of photography then I strongly recommend that you engage in this process, when I look at the difference between my CPAGB and the DPAGB panels I can see a step change. On the day, there were 32 entrants and I believe that 14 were successful in their submission, it’s a tough standard to meet consistently throughout your images, so I will celebrate with a couple of beers tonight. The Selection of images used  is shown below.


Larger images can be seen by following – ‘Collections >> DPAGB’ on the menu at the top of the page or by clicking here.



3 thoughts on “DPAGB Success

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  2. Hi Steve. Just had the pleasure of looking at your 15 images for your distinction well impressed something for me to aspire to hopefully one day, well done again on gaining your distinction, Peter

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