When I started out on my photographic journey local landscapes were a significant part of my emerging portfolio. Later after I retired from my underwhelming sporting activities I began taking regular trips to the Cumbrian Lake District, combining walks on the fells with more landscape photography. Nowadays however, I rarely take any ‘scapes despite loving the wonderful photographs produced by many of my acquaintances. I still long to visit places such as Iceland, the American National Parks and the Scottish highlands where the landscape is just so stunningly beautiful.
So, with three days back in the Lake District to look forward to, I dug out the tripod, gathered up the filters, packed my camera bag and set off up to Keswick. I researched a few scenes that I could combine with some refreshing walks after a hearty breakfast (at the excellent Hawcliffe House B&B) in the northern region. First up a walk around Buttermere with a stop at the lone tree at the village end of the lake, secondly, a walk along Borrowdale with a detour to Ashness Bridge. The weather on each day was markedly different from dense mists on day one through to soft sunshine on day two. Memories were evoked of waiting for people to get of the shot, the light to illuminate a certain part of the scene or that cloud to move to the right a touch.
The outcome – no new additions to my portfolio. Think I’ll stick to my more usual subjects for the near future.