A recent studio shoot with Talli Lyndsey produced some images that are not quite my norm, but I do like them!
Talli is a strikingly different model that can help create photos that stand out from the crowd and this is something that I wanted to achieve. With this is mind I set about thinking of possible outcomes and drew up a ‘mind map’ to capture and expand on some things rolling around in my head. Using a mind map helps to clarify my thoughts, allows me to go off at tangents and is also a good visual tool to share with the subject.

The above mind map was then translated into mood boards showing the various styles that I wanted to shoot during our time together and these were shared with Talli a week or so prior to meeting up.
The lighting set-up that I used was fairly straight forward, with one large Softbox to the right and a large reflector left side. The Softbox was angled in front of and across Talli to create a soft, feathered and slightly directional light source.

Once the post-processing was complete, a few textures were thrown in there to add mood and hopefully a bit of added drama. The resulting images certainly met my expectations and a small sample are shared below…