Dippers are a bird that I have long wanted to photograph but one that I have found difficult to locate or track down, even asking around has brought little success. However an opportunity arose and I jumped at it.
Dippers are quite a small, plumpish bird with a small erect tail that live and breed by small streams often in dark, hard to get to, places and this was no exception. Their nest was in an upturned tree root by the side of a shallow, babbling brook in a small wooded copse – so quite dark. They appear to be slow moving birds but in reality they are constantly on the go, bobbing up and down (dipping). I observed the pair from a safe distance so as not to disrupt them near their nest and fitted a 400mm lens with extension on a crop factor camera giving approx. 960mm of lens. They appeared to hop onto the same rocks each time they visited the nest with beaks crammed full of aquatic bugs so this made anticipating their next move quite easy. Below are some of the many shots that I took during a productive half-a-day spent with them…

4 thoughts on “Dippers

    • Thanks Shazza, I travelled a long way to shoot this pair having looked out all around Clitheroe. Would you be prepared to share whereabouts you saw them.

      • Actually I’m in Cumbria at the moment visiting family and I saw them on the river Lowther.
        There are dippers in Clitheroe though on mearley brook just below standen hall and further down the brook as you walk through the fields under the railway bridge towards Henthorn and the tip. Also kingfisher. I do see them loads just simply walking the dog.

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