I am without doubt the most reluctant dancer on this planet, however, I do seem to have a liking for photographing dance and have done for a while now. Having attended a dance photography workshop with Nicola Selby several years ago to learn the technicalities of capturing this genre of images, it dawned on me that a critical eye for detail is necessary to capture ‘the moment’ when the dance manoeuvre is at its peak. I do not pretend to have got the eye for this yet but I am improving I believe.
These images are from a fantastic shoot with Maria Jazmin, photographed at Hallam Mill in Stockport. We worked through an array of styles and themes but the first ones that I have processed were an artistic play on some ballet moves and poses. I have deliberately added textures to these images some give them a slightly different feel as is now becoming more of my style. More images can be seen here