I have wanted to visit this museum for quite a while now (it’s on the bucket list!) and wasn’t going to miss the opportunity when I had to travel to London recently.
The NHM is simply huge, from the outside it looks both imposing and attractive in it’s coloured brick design but you have to get in line to gain admittance to see the true wonders. Entry is free but there is a request for donations as you go through the front doors – I didn’t see a single person put anything in the collection point sadly.
The museum consists of four main areas when inside and you would need a full day in each one to fully appreciate what’s on view – there are just so many items to explore. It seemed as though I was just walking through areas without looking too deeply into what was displayed although I did have a good look at the dinosaur fossils. I will definitely have to re-visit this wonderful place when time allows

The above images were all taken using the iPhone X.