In the calm before storm Ciara arrived in the UK, I managed to have a shoot with Gwyneth Rhianwen at Rivington Pike Follies. The follies are a remnant of Victorian excess, bankrolled by Lord Lever and designed by Thomas Mawson at the start of the 20th century. Much of the site is now in ruin and is a great backdrop for a shoot. The three outfits were designed and put together by Tabitha Boydell and stylishly portrayed by Gwyneth on a dry, slightly overcast day which produced quite flat but soft light for the duration. The site itself offered many a hidden corner to shoot in and also quite a few vistas and scenic spots too. There were a lot of walkers and mountain bikers mulling around and a few camera toting passers-by got some shots they probably hadn’t imagined. This was an enjoyable half-day that has added a bit more ‘costume shots’ to my portfolio and below are the outfits used on the day, more of which can be seen here.