Below is a list of potential activities to keep photographers active whilst we are deprived of our usual ability to roam freely. I will update the list as I find new ideas, so keep coming back.

Self portraitUsual natural, available or flash light to grab a few shots of yourself.
Photograph family membersCreate some family photos in either a formal or relaxed style.
Photograph some texturesCapture some textures from within the home to use in post-processing.
Re-edit an old photographRe-edit an old photograph to see how your skills have developed or style has changed.
Springtime in
the home
Photograph new life as spring starts to show itself in the garden. Shoot in-situ or in a macro set-up.
Organise your photosRe-organise your photographs on your PC, cull the images that are no longer up to your standard.
Plan some projectsCreate plans for when the virus has cleared and we can get back out there.
Creative ImageMake a creative image from scratch using your own images and textures.
TriptychCreate a triptych from images that work together to make something new from exiting parts.
HistoryRead up on the history of photography.
Research a topicFind something that interest you and learn more about it, practicing and refining your knowledge.
Learn to Cut-OutRefine your ‘cutting out’ techniques to be able to quickly extract parts of an image.
Read a book
by a historical photographer
Read something by a renowned photographer such as Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, etc…
High Speed PhotographyTry dropping things into a tank of water and using flash to freeze the moment.
A Bowl of FruitPhotograph a still-life of a bowl of fruit using different lighting and processing.
Cut FlowersPhotograph some cut flowers as they bloom and then decay. Try adding lighting and textures.
Frame & mountFrame, mount and hang one of your favourite photographs where it can be seen.
Smoke TrailsPhotograph smoke trails against a dark background using directional light.
New Photoshop techniqueLearn a new Photoshop technique that will boost your post-processing skills.
SalonsLook online at the images that are accepted into national or international salons for inspiration.