A trip to the North Yorkshire moors was well overdue, so an early morning start (again!) was called for. This is an important area for some of our more vulnerable ground nesting birds who come inland from the shore to breed and raise their young. Of course this is an area that is widely managed for the supposed sport of Grouse shooting so there is an abundance of Grouse and Pheasant amongst the heather. Our first spot was a male Pheasant lurking in the tough grasses.

One thing there is no shortage of is Rabbits, thousands of them scurrying about in their suicidal dashes across the roads.

We found a few juvenile Goldfinches feeding on Spear Thistles in some open scrubland.

Of course there were Grouse…

Along with a few Golden Plovers

And a Snipe, posing in the glorious early morning sun.

And finally the view as we approached Swaledale at 4:40am