I noticed a planned photo shoot advertised in a Facebook group recently and it really appealed, the shoot was with Fanny Müller at Catchlight Studios in Belfast. This is a studio run by Ross McKelvey who I rate very highly in the world of studio photographers so it was an opportunity to work with two exceptional people. A long and enjoyable city weekend was booked with the shoot on the Sunday.

The studio itself was well equipped with backdrops and lighting equipment and with room to move about and use various parts of the building. Fanny brought some great outfits and Ross provided even more with some well coordinated props too. We worked through several differing styles, always keeping an eye on colour schemes, through relaxed, gentle setups to high energy leaps and movement and Fanny gave her all as she pulled off the looks one by one.

Overall it was a fantastic experience to work with these two talented and creative people and it has given my portfolio a serious boost in quality, just proves that if you work with best you’ll get your rewards. Below are a few shots from the day and more can be found here.