Jack Cutler is well known in the North West of England for his portrayal of fictional characters with a twist and his latest reincarnation is a play on the ‘Mad Hatter’ of Alice in Wonderland. This character is more subdued than the usual ‘Mad’ Hatter but shows a depth of character that really helps to create memorable images on your sensor. The crop of bright red hair stands out strongly and makes you think hard about locations and environments to shoot that creates a sense of place for the character. This shoot was part of an organised shoot put together by ‘Photography Session Days‘ and was held at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester. The lighting inside the building was fairly dim to put it mildly – shooting at ISO6400 was the norm for a large part of the indoor shots and really tested the performance of my Canon R5 in tough conditions. Below are a few shots of the Hatter and more images from the day can be seen here.