This place has been somewhere I wanted to go and shoot for a while now, I know it’s been done to death by the local photographic community, nevertheless it is a great location.
So I consulted the tide times and checked the weather forecast to see if there was a day when it wasn’t going to rain – ideally have a chance of late afternoon sun even. Lo and behold there was a time when the two combined so off I went, fingers crossed for some decent conditions. Even for a Friday afternoon there were many people mingling around but no other photographers so I had to find my own tripod holes! I wandered around looking for prime locations and viewpoints whilst waiting for the sun to work its way down to the horizon and settled upon a few places and in particular where I would shoot the final images. Having just had three named storms in seven days there were thousands of shellfish and starfish washed up in the rocky pools and they made for some interesting details shots. The tide was coming close to its high point so I made my way on to the beach to capture some shots including the shells, sand and the lighthouse then blending the stacked images later in PS. The final images were taken from the side of the Fort where the groynes stretch out and the sun did its best to give some lovely warm colours and shadows. A few images are shown below and more images can be seen here.