A brief trip to Brockholes nature reserve with a macro lens yielded some interesting opportunities particularly with one Azure Damselfly.
It was fairly cool so the invertebrates were a little sluggish and somewhat easier to photograph – allowing me to get much closer than if they were fully warmed up and mobile. This particular Damsel was very accommodating, in fact it allowed me to cut the grass stalk that it was clinging onto and place it in my Plamp so that I could control the movement and my viewpoint much more easily. As I manoeuvred to find a good position, the Damsel would rotate around the stalk almost teasing me but then the opportunity to get this image arose. Careful positioning was required and to fill the frame I was fairly close so need to stack a number of images to get the whole thing good and sharp. There are 12 images stacked and blended using Photoshop to create this amusing portrait.