We left Berg-En-Dal camp and travelled along some tar but mainly dirt roads towards Lower Sabie camp, where we would spend the next two nights. We spotted our first Nyala along this route, we missed out them altogether last time. We also saw lots of Elephant, Impala, Warthog, Lilac-Breasted Roller and Fork-Tailed Drongos were everywhere that we looked.
A stopover at Sunset Dam was taken prior to entering Lower Sabie camp. A really funny sight was a Grey Heron appearing to be surfing on the back of a partly submerged Hippo, a feat it repeated until the Hippo dived under the surface. There was an impressive sunset as should be expected here! The lake was brimming with Hippo and Crocodile plus many Waterbirds were liberally scattered along the shoreline. Species seen included Hippo, Nile Crocodile, Grey Heron, Yellow-Billed Stork, Chacma Baboon, Jacana.

Long Tailed Shrike African Stonechat