We set off at 6:00am to Nsemani dam where three Lions had been reported feasting on the night’s catch. They were gone by the time we arrived but we did witness a herd of Buffalo, Hippopotamus and a couple of ‘Ellies’ in the vicinity. A bird of prey was seen hovering over the savannah but we could not identify it accurately, maybe if I post it on a forum it will be recognised.
The afternoon was spent travelling to Olifants camp where would spend the next two night, we took the H1-4 northwards. The roads began quietly enough with little to see but then there was much activity, particularly to the west side. Many zebra were present and seemed in a frisky mood, rolling around in the dust and greeting one another frequently. A pair of Ostriches was seen near the road and we followed them for a short while as they scratched around for sustenance on the bare ground. At the Olifants river bridge we were allowed out of the car and saw a large herd of Elephants slowly wading across the wide meandering Olifants river taking time to drink down copious amounts of water on the way.
A short night drive on the S92-S91 loop gave a very distant glimpse of a Leopard in a tree, how people spot these things at such distance is amazing. A featureless drive showed little, but on the return we saw a cat in the distance, we slowed right down, lowered the windows, prepared the cameras – flash on – and crept forwards. It was the leopard we had seen earlier, only this time it was strolling alongside the road. We stopped the car, managed one shot before it fled and hid in the long grass. It was ten minutes to gate closing time so we could not afford any time to search or wait for another appearance. Fortunately the one shot turned out quite good.

Elephant River Crossing Leopard