Very quiet overnight, just the one Lion roar and no Hyena calls but the river running below keeps up a permanent backdrop of cascading water. The day started off windy and overcast but fairly warm so we took a short drive north towards Letaba camp but saw nothing of any great interest other than two very large tuskers busily tucking into the bush. We veered east onto the dirt roads and meandered back to camp, skirting along the edge of the Letaba river, still no sightings, other than the ever present Impala of course.
The afternoon was spent travelling north to Letaba camp where we stopped off to gaze over the river below the lookout point. There are several habituated Bushbucks on the camp and one was sitting serenely between two trees waiting to be photographed! Another Bushbuck was being de-bugged by two Red-Billed Oxpeckers although it did show its displeasure more than a couple of times. I also managed to capture a Black Headed Oriole as it fed on the Aloe Vera flower spikes.

Bushbuck Oxpecker Oriole