At last, the sun is back and the animals are stirring again. Headed north out of Mopani towards Shingwedzi but not intending to go that far north. We passed several water holes and pans but there was little movement around them. We saw a Saddle Billed Stork plus an unidentified Stork – doesn’t look like any of the photos or diagrams in the books! A Common Duiker was spotted in the undergrowth and a Black Backed Jackal ran past with an unfortunate bird in its mouth. On the return south we stopped off at Bowerskop pan to check out the action; at first three Giraffes came to drink followed by a small group of Impala. Next up was a herd of about twelve Tsessebe who sprang down to the pan, taking their time to quench their thirst. When they left another herd of a similar size arrived – and they are supposed to be rare in Kruger! The sun was behind the pan so not great for photography, we will return at 4pm when the late sun will be more advantageous.

Early afternoon we nipped around to Shipandami and Pioneer Dam Hides where there was plenty going on. Initially Shipandami was fairly quiet with the exception of a group of Hippos making their way down stream towards the small bridge. A croc rested on the far bank and some Warblers darted about in the reeds and grasses. We quickly moved on to the Pioneer hide where we spotted a Slender Mongoose scurrying around. A Terrapin warmed itself on a small rock but generally the birds and animals were on the far banks of the Lake. We called in again at Shipandami on the return journey to witness two Elephants watering themselves near the bridge. They continued to cause a nuisance by blocking the road and bridge for over an hour causing quite a traffic jam. A Brown Hooded Kingfisher patrolled the banks picking up small insects from the grasses and Pied Kingfisher continually dived into the waters in search of prey. Once the Ellies finally moved on we left the hide and returned home.

Bowerskop Giraffe Shipandami Ellies Pied Kingfisher