Another cool day with quite a cold wind greeted us today and we had a couple of hours to spare before breakfast so we headed south towards Satara. Due to the cold weather the animals seemed to be sitting deep to keep warm so there was little to see. One notable exception was a small Sharpe’s Grysbok feeding by the side of the road, this is normally a nocturnal animal so was a rare sighting for us.
The afternoon took us north to Mopani camp, where we would stay two nights before returning to Olifants. Again the game was sparse with over forty minutes passing with no sightings, not even Impala! Just before reaching camp a Tsessebe was seen on the roadside, a very rare sighting in Kruger. It bolted into the dense Mopane bushveld and was briefly seen again galloping into the distance, no wonder they are rarely seen. With the overcast, cool conditions prevailing we stayed put for the rest of the day and caught up on some much needed rest. Better weather is predicted from tomorrow. A reflection on what we had seen so far suggested over one hundred species had been identified. Time for a sundowner at the bar overlooking the dramatic Pioneer dam, cheers!