At short notice, Gary Williamson and I were asked to cover an amateur boxing night at the Holiday Inn in Bolton – we quickly agreed!
Not having done anything like this before some Internet research was required, we soon found some useful advice and then looked for some of the types of shots that we might take.
We arrived at the venue in good time. We had access all areas so got to the weigh-in and the warm-ups prior to the fight. When we went into the area we were surprised how low the light levels were, we knew it would be dim but having to shoot wide open at ISO6400 and still only get 1/90 second was a shock.
We positioned ourselves in opposite corners to be able to cover most of the ring and caught some decent shots but were unable to quite grab the knockout punch. The better shots were taken in the corners during the fight and on the entrance and podium after the bout where we could use flash without blinding the boxers.
Post shoot the shots were batch processed in Bridge then uploaded where the boxers could purchase photos. Costs were more than covered but it was disappointing to receive so few orders. More disappointing was the copying of the photos off the web to post on Facebook pages. This will be followed up!
All in all it was an interesting experience where we had the best seats in the house and they cost nothing!

Boxing Panel