I spent a day in a hide, owned by Nature Photography Hides, near Droitwich hoping for some great Kingfisher shots. The day started nice and early as we set up in the hide overlooking a small stream on farmland. The weather was overcast but reasonably bright, which is not bad for nature photography. Too dark and shutters speeds drop, too bright and there can be harsh shadows on the subject, so not a bad day. I had planned this date to coincide with the first batch of young having fledged and was hoping to get shots of parents feeding their young. I must have mistimed somewhat as the young seemed to have left the area and were nowhere to be seen.
According to our guide for the day, there were two families on this short stretch of the stream and the previous day had seen lots of activity from the family to our right. On this day the activity all came from the left. First up was the female of the pair who caught and consumed two fish before departing. The rest of the visits were from the male and he typically would catch two fish, eating one on the perch and then flying off with the other. This made me think that the female was back on the nest, hopefully with a second clutch of eggs. During the day we were visited on 7 occasions, typically about 50 minutes apart. Next year I will visit a little earlier!

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