Addo Elephant Park

Whilst staying at Port Elizabeth we took the opportunity to visit Addo Elephant Park for a day. After spending time in Kruger NP we were not sure what to expect but it was certainly worth the visit. The scenery is very different to Kruger with much thick bush around the southern entrance. Once we arrived at the northern part of the park it opened up to give some great views of the landscape and also the wildlife of the area.

The elephants here are reputed to have a milder outlook than the others we had seen the week before and they did look to be gentle giants. We stopped at a number of waterholes and were rewarded with some classic Ellie moments. We were able to take time to watch their antics and the way that they interacted with one another.

We stayed until close to sunset and light was really warm and soft helping to create some good images.

Addo Panel

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