There is an area on the south coast of South Africa named Wilderness which is a haven for birdlife and therefore the bird-spotters amongst us. It’s not quite as isolated or truly wild as the name suggests but it’s a great place to be for some peaceful nature time.

When we have been there we have stayed at the Kingfisher Country House, run by Phil and Sue Millard and they will make you feel very special if you choose to stay with them, details are below. The guesthouse is a centre of birdlife where the hosts have created a mini bird-park in their gardens, attracting many species, some quite rare, so be prepared to share your breakfast time with them . We have met many guests who have stayed there just to get up close to some of the species who visit daily, particularly the Knysna Lourie or Touraco. Many species will be seen here including; Southern Boubou, Cape Weaver, Kurricane Thrush, Swee Waxbill, Fork-Tailed Drongo, Bulbul, Chorister Robin Chat, Sunbirds, Fiscal Flycatcher and countless more species. We have also spotted Forest Buzzard in the area.

This location is also great for sighting wading birds at the inland lakes and rivers and also the costal birds that are also in abundance. Needless to say there are many wildlife attractions in the area around Knysna and Sue will spend time helping you to plan your stay exploiting the maximum number of opportunities to go and explore.

Kingfisher Country House, 1030 Dumbleton Rd, Wilderness 6560, South Africa. Phone: +27 44 877 1955