I have just  spent six hours at Velocity Studios in Chorley with Erica Bixby (aka Kittiwara) as the model. We spent an hour or so doing some typical studio type stuff before venturing outside to see what the mill had to offer in terms of backdrops or setting. It was a touch cool outside, or freezing as Erica would have you believe so it was a fairly brisk outdoor session. Back inside we did another stint with the main lights, this time going High-Key and filling the place with light. We finally went out into the mill and found an old (really old) and broken (really broken) organ which was covered in dust. We set this up with one main light fitted with parabolic reflector umbrella and two rear lights fitted with grids to direct the light. The effect was quite dramatic. Finally we set up in front of a roller door with the same brolly-ed light, again a dramatic setting. Marc was his usual self, full of ideas and information about lighting to help set up the themes for the day – without being too directive.  Erica ensured that the day was eventful and without a dull moment from start to finish with lots of input to the session and also loads of input into everything else that happened! Many thanks to both for making it such a great day. Kittiwara Panel