I called in at the local Rugby Union Club on Saturday to grab some actions shots of a sport that I haven’t shot before. The weather was fairly decent for photography although I still had to shoot at 640-1000 ISO to get shutter speeds up in the range that I needed them to freeze the action. The match was pretty one sided which made it easier to position myself where the players were moving towards me. As a first time at this sport I was reasonably pleased with the outcome in terms of images, it took a while to anticipate the next move being unfamiliar with the game but some of the results are below with more available on my Facebook page. Oh, the score – 78-7 to Clitheroe.
Clitheroe RUFC (1) Clitheroe RUFC (2a) Clitheroe RUFC (4) Clitheroe RUFC (7)