After a presentation at my local camera club I began thinking about my own approach to portraiture and how it has changed or even developed over the past few years.
I began by attending organised shoots at various studios but soon realised that my input was minimal and that I was basically getting OK shots but not really being able to develop or define ‘my style’. Having said that, it was a good grounding watching others and working in a safe environment albeit the ‘paparazzi’ style employed by some of the others can be quite distracting or even annoying.
Once I started to organise my own shoots I began to put a bit of myself into the shots, however, it takes quite a lot of preparation and thought once you do it yourself – checking the equipment and lighting is just right for a start. Then the themes of the shoot need to be established and shared, checking that all required props, etc. are available and to hand. Doing this taught me many things, very few of which were the technical aspects of photography but more along the lines of creating a dialogue with the sitter and being able communicate what I need from each scenario.
Some of my favourite images are shown below: