The Great Unwashed

I had spotted the ‘Ragged Victorians’ on the web some months ago and was instantly attracted to the look of this group which, of course, meant that I wanted to photograph them. They seem to be based mainly in the south of England and I live in the north so that was not going to help, so I kept my eyes open, keenly watching to see if they ventured my way. The nearest I found was probably the ideal location too – they were going to be at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley in the West Midlands.
Their reputation for attention to detail was evident from the very first moment and portrayed an episode of history that we don’t often get to experience, providing an authentic impression of what life was like, in Victorian ruled England, c1851.
Below are a few of the shots taken on the day (more can be seen by clicking on the ‘Events -> Ragged Victorians’ section on the menu bar or by clicking here).

Link to the Ragged Victorians website.

Whispering Waifs

Whispering Waifs


Brute Force

The Hawkers


Street Urchins

Street Urchins

Mother and Son

Mother and Son

Hard Times

Hard Times

2 thoughts on “The Great Unwashed

  1. These are just amazing. I’m glad you didn’t over-process to look like vintage prints. Love them, your images and the people!

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