Lions. Everybody’s favourite big cat, maybe, but they certainly cause a stir when spotted in the wild. We were lucky enough to have many sightings during our trip to Kruger Park in South Africa. The highlight was most definitely the sight of a pride of Lions noisily and greedily devouring a Wildebeest carcass no more than 10m from the roadside. They formed a perfect circle around the carcass and heads just disappeared until re-surfacing momentarily for air, covered in blood.
We also had the pleasure of watching as another pride walked nonchalantly up the middle of the road, stopping occasionally to sniff at the cars and maybe chew on a tyre!
There were several other sightings of individuals and prides sprawled out on riverbanks, resting in the long grass or moving through the bush. Below are a selection of photos from these memorable events…
A full report of our trip to Africa can be found here.

Lion PatrollingLioness and CubLioness on RiverbankLions at Wildebeest Kill (1)Lions at Wildebeest Kill (3)