Lounging Leopards

We had two really good sightings of Leopards recently as well as a few fleeting glimpses as these beautiful creatures roamed through the bush of South Africa.
Our first sighting was a rather distant ‘Leopard in a Tree’ which was just within photo range but was slightly obscured by the branches of its chosen lair. We later saw another ‘LIT’ right by the side of the road, again avoiding the hot midday sun. It was in good light and with careful manoeuvring it was in clear sight of a telephoto lens. We spent no more than 4-5 minutes with this magnificent specimen, it’s a shame that one or two other didn’t think the same as they thought they had sole rights to their spot, seriously many annoying others who couldn’t see.
A second sighting came at sunrise just outside Satara camp where this particular Leopard was relaxing in the first warm rays of the early morning sun, warming up after a chilly night. It must have been a touch camera shy as we only got 20-30 seconds with it before it disappeared behind a nearby bush.
A full report of our Africa trip can be found here.

Leopard in a TreeLeopard Warming in the Early Sun (1)Leopard Warming in the Early Sun (2)

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