Hard Times for Hedgehogs

This long hot spell is great for sitting out in or maybe going out to the beach or countryside for the day – but spare a thought for the British wildlife that are not equipped for this weather. Recently the plight of the Hedgehogs has been circulated in the media as they struggle to find sufficient food and particularly water to survive. Add to this that the young hedgehogs are getting ready for making their own way in the world and it’s been a tough time for them.
Over the last couple of days we have spotted three young hogs wandering in the middle of the road during the heat of the afternoon sun, not ideal for them. On each occasion I have captured them, given them water and food then released them in a more appropriate area where, hopefully, they will find the means to survive. Couldn’t help but take a few shots before releasing the last one though.

Hedgehog JuvenileHedgehog Juvenile (2)Hedgehog Juvenile (3) web

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