I’ve quite enjoyed 2019 photographically, having had many a good day out with the camera. Selecting a top five this year was much more difficult than last year, so here goes…

1 – Over the Last

My first choice is ‘Over the Last’, an image of John Lane competing in the 110m hurdles at Bedford. I’ve wanted to shoot athletics for a good while now and this was my first opportunity, luckily the weather was favourable and allowed fast shutter speeds with low ISOs.

2 – Au Repos

This is an image created during a dance shoot with Maria Jazmin in a studio. I added two textures to the shot to add a bit of creativity and to produce a softer look.

3 – Black Rose

An image created with Talli Lyndsey with a wacky headdress and black dress. The theme of the shoot was to create dark, striking images and this one is a favourite. A dark texture enhanced the background.

4 – Anna’s Hummingbird

Whilst I was in the USA visiting Yosemite and San Francisco, I had discovered that there were hummingbirds in both areas so I went prepared with my 100-400 lens. This was the first time that I had seen hummingbirds so wasted to no time in practicing my technique, this one was shot in Mariposa Near Yosemite.

5 – Forest Dancer

This image was created, then modified, after a dance based shoot. I had several good images from this shoot but wanted to create something with a different look and feel to the standard images. This is a montage with woodland, textures and butterflies supporting the principal figure.