Having been dabbling with a bit of macro photography over the summer I decided I needed to build a worktable to make it quick and easy to setup. The table, shown below, is a base of approx 600x450mm with a rotary table towards the front. Behind this is a slot to hold ‘background’ cards if I want to use it with a non-natural backdrop. I have also fitted two small flash guns with triggers mounted on fake gorillapod tripods which are removable. The table took about two hours to manufacture, even with my limited woodworking skills, and with a few simple parts, all sourced from a local DIY shop and eBay. This setup can be used both outdoors and indoors (if I can find a subject) at a moments notice so now I have no excuse for being inactive. I’m not sure yet as to whether I need to paint it or not.

List of parts used:

  • 600 x 450 x 20mm MDF
  • 250mm diameter ‘bread board’
  • 100mm ball race
  • 2 small Speedlights
  • Godox Flash triggers
  • 2 Gorillapod tripods (fakes)
DIY Macro Table on an old Workbench
Rotary Table and Backdrop Card Holder
Backdrop Card Holder
Speedlight with Trigger
Example Images Taken on the Table