This week I have tried something for the first time, primarily because the Covid-19 virus has stopped photographers shooting people and also because I was somewhat intrigued. That thing was a ‘Remote Shoot‘ where the photographer and subject are not together but working over the internet using various pieces of software to achieve the end result. The image above shows my laptop with the Canon Utility software connecting the camera over the internet using Teamview software. The comms between photographer and subject was via a mobile phone using WhatsApp.

The photographer controls all of the camera functions via their laptop and although it isn’t quite as spontaneous as shooting live it certainly gives an opportunity to shoot people that live many miles away or even on different continents. The subject is responsible for physically moving the camera and any props or furniture that require re-positioning. The image below shows what is possible…

Ivory Flame shot remotely.

More images from the shoot can be seen here