I had seen reports on social media regarding a Hoopoe (Upupa epops) that had taken up residence in a small village in North Yorkshire. I am told that it has been here for 11 days, probably blown off course by a recent storm that hit the UK. It is normally found on the African continent and in the warmer climes of southern Europe.
I checked its precise location with a photographic acquaintance who pointed me in the right direction. I was hoping, as I drove over, that it would still be there and I was in luck, there it was parading in front of its audience of photographers (we counted over 80 at one stage). I stayed for just over two hours capturing the winged wonder as it fed, rested, preened and displayed as though it was working to a script.
Below are a few of the many hundreds that I captured, thank goodness for digital!

And here are the eager photographers, you can just see the Hoopoe in the left foreground.

More photos can be seen here