Today has seen the 100,000th visitor to my web, which is a bit of a milestone for something I started back in 2010 to pass some time whilst side-lined through injury. Thank you very much for being amongst those visitors.

In 2010 I had managed to damage my ACL and Cartilage in my right knee and was confined to a chair for almost three months and boy was I bored after a couple of weeks of that. The idea to create this weblog emerged and I started looking at what was available to create an online presence – I chose this platform through WordPress as it looked ok and it was free! Since then I have undertaken a few visual upgrades to the site to keep it looking modern and fresh.

In the first few years I was attracting a very measly 100 – 250 hits, hardly worth bothering about, but to be fair I wasn’t really putting the effort in – and it showed.
In 2017 I set about making the site more attractive / useful / informative to see what could be achieved and that year the hits went from 1,917 to 13,470, a seven fold increase.
Then in 2019, I started to add a few simple tutorials to share how I achieved things in my photographic journey. I was also giving talks at camera clubs by now and shared my web details with them. I responded to questions at these talks by adding more tutorials and the site continued to grow.
2020 saw another exponential growth with over half of the total number of site visits occurring – the Ragged Victorian proving very popular.

So, now I seem to raised the bar on my expectations, I must find more ways of providing useful and hopefully entertaining content. And on the journey goes.